No Vacancy Gallery x Terra Therma

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory exhibition created by visual artist Benjamin Knock at No Vacancy Gallery.

Saturday 14th July - Sunday 23rd July

No Vacancy Gallery presents Terra Therma, an immersive experience created by visual artist Benjamin Knock which will transport you in the dephts of the frozen North. 

Terra-therma is part of a larger body of work, acting as both a research project and a multisensory exhibition created during Benjamin's recent expedition to the remote east coast of Iceland. His recent exploration of the glaciers and ice caverns led him to map the landscape using Lidar technology, complimenting the data with sound field recordings. In addition to this, he has created a series of paintings and sculptures to highlight the impermanence of the building blocks that make up our current Holocene.

Explore the frozen depths at No Vancacy Gallery on July 13th between 5pm - 8pm and July 14th between 5pm - 9pm.