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Established in Melbourne, as an act of resistance against the fast fashion trend. With a mission to create garments that simply feel good on your skin without causing harm to the Earth or exploiting labours, Paire leverage the latest advancements in materials science to produce high-tech essential clothing with the finest materials.

Paire's journey began with friendship and a shared vision for a sustainable textile revolution. The brand was founded by friends Rex and Nathan who each brought distinguished expertise and a drive to make a change in the textile space. Fusing Rex's fabric technology expertise with Nathan's passion for sustainability, they set out to create the world's most comfortable and sustainable brand - stuff that feels good for the planet, but also feels good to spend all week wearing. After 4 years, 24 products, 5 patented materials and countless sold-out socks, Rex and Nathan remain hands-on, crafting every detail from from design to development. 

Each product is made with the skin in mind catering to sweaty to dry skin and everything in between. Whether it's setting foot on a 3-day hike, or a Netflix marathon, every product is designed for comfort. Everything they make they feel comfortable wearing themselves, so you can feel good embarking on whatever your day throws at you, or whatever your skin has scheduled. 

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Level 1, Albert Coates Lane

03 9007 2109

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