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It’s time for Tea! The Alley LuJiaoXiang’s drinks create wonderful stories for your lives. Replay your good memories now!

People tend to forget a cup of tea along the way, but they’ll certainly remember for a long time the feeling when just having the first few sips of teas at The Alley LuJiaoXiang.

Renowned for their careful tea selections, premium handcrafted ingredients, and blend between traditional & creative brewing processes to create the perfect recipes.

Their goal is to serve customers with the best of the best and to see your smiles when enjoying the beverages created with all of their hearts.

Let’s enjoy some amazing tea drinks during peaceful morning sunrise, with friends and colleagues after a long day at work, and share those stories with your loved ones at the end of every day. The Alley promise:

Tastes of greatness - Feelings of excitement - Satisfactions in consistency - Desires for return - Happiness in life


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11:30AM – 10:00PM
11:30AM – 10:00PM
11:30AM – 10:00PM
11:30AM – 10:00PM
11:30AM – 10:30PM
11:30PM – 10:30PM
11:30PM – 10:00PM

192B Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

(03) 9639 0990