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A bubble tea revolution.

Milksha are passionate bubble tea drinkers who care about what customers consume. “Healthy” is probably not a word people normally associate with bubble tea, yet Milksha are challenging that notion by doing things with the utmost care and providing what they believe is the best product. Milksha are a bubble tea revolution. Using premium-quality milk and fresh ingredients, the QV Milksha team strive to bring you the best bubble tea in Australia.

Milksha Australia hails from the well-established bubble tea brand in Taiwan. The company's emphasis on healthy and unique flavours coupled with delivering customer-orientated service has carved out a niche for itself in the handmade beverage market. Milksha has over 230 stores in Taiwan and around the world, and now the long-awaited bubble tea brand has come to QV, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

Their signature top bubble tea drink is the Earl Grey Tea Latte with honey pearls. The unique flavour of honey pearls are cooked fresh in-store daily. The pearls are soaked in honey for natural sweetness. Paired with the Earl Grey tea blend which has an invigorating citrus aroma and finished off with the smoothness of St. David Dairy premium fresh milk.

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Level 2, Red Cape Lane

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